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Guided Projects & Paintings


Canvases & Cocktails

Join us at Indigo Cottage Crafts for Canvases & Cocktails - Dragonfly! Get ready for a creative and colorful evening filled with painting, sipping, and socializing. Let your artistic side take flight as you create your very own dragonfly masterpiece, guided by our talented instructors. No experience is necessary - just come ready to have a blast! Grab your friends and make it a memorable night out at Indigo Cottage Crafts!

Red Umbrella

Canvases & Cocktails

Join us for Canvases and Cocktails, where creativity meets cocktails in a vibrant painting class experience! Unleash your inner artist as you sip on complimentary cocktails while painting our captivating masterpiece, "Red Umbrella." Transport yourself to a rainy cityscape, where a lone figure stands adorned in red, clutching a matching umbrella against a backdrop of black and grey buildings. Let the colors and atmosphere inspire you as you create your own interpretation of this striking scene. Reserve your seat today for an unforgettable evening of art and libations!

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